This guide to gluten-free foods/products is both a time-saver and a health-aid! If you are a celiac or gluten-intolerant, you can rest easy knowing you are buying safe foods and other products. It also expands your horizons because you'll find gluten-free products you didn't know about. Don't forget the coupons/promo codes that are included. You're not wading through thousands of items, either, because you see only the highest-rated items based on the opinions of fellow celiacs & gluten-intolerants. Well worth its purchase price. Abigail

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Do you find your diet way too restrictive? Are you a parent of a picky-eater searching for safe, kid-friendly foods? Are you eager to be GF but worried about the possible fortune you’ll spend at the store? Founder of the Annual Gluten-Free Awards, now in its 10th year, Josh Schieffer has seen the worst—and the best. And with tens of thousands of voters in the GF community, this is an unbiased, up-to-date collection of the leading options in the market. Now Schieffer’s sharing 2019’s selection of the yummiest brands to keep your wallet and your taste buds happy.

Gluten Free Buyers Guide is an invaluable information source for those managing celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Providing you with 500 of the tastiest goods available, organized into easily accessible categories with pictures of current packaging. You’ll quickly locate the bread, munchies, frozen dinners, beer, and other essential supplies your GF kitchen craves. Packed with tips and supporting info, whether you are new to the lifestyle or are a longtime connoisseur, you’ll never get stumped again.

In Gluten Free Buyers Guide, you’ll discover:

- Outstanding GF products in over 50 categories to make even your toughest decision clear

- Hand-picked recipes from elite chefs to ensure your purchases translate into enticing meals

- Plenty of tricks and ideas, from busy moms and experienced travelers, to locate the finest outlets and most competitive prices

- Where to get the quality foods you crave so you don’t waste money on tasteless, overpriced rubbish

- Tons of links to blogs, articles, coupons and promo codes to ease your transition, and much, much more!

Gluten Free Buyers Guide is the go-to reference to save you time and help you find the most enjoyable alternatives for your diet. If you like delicious food, easy-to-use handbooks, and making informed choices, then you’ll love Josh Schieffer’s life-saving resource.

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This is an awesome resource for finding products that other G free folks already LOVE! It helps eliminate trial and error, which can be quite expensive. It can also be reassuring when one finds their favorite product on one of the lists :-) Knowing you are on the right track can be invaluable on this journey, especially early. 


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2020 Gluten Free Grocery Guide
Great guide for all things Gluten Free! If you need to know the best GF bread, snack foods, restaurants, bloggers or cookbooks this is your go-to guide!


Enjoyed checking out all the award winning products. It was neat to see some of the actual products I voted for as 1st place winners. This book is a must have guide to restaurants & taste-tested best products available for gluten-free buyers. I found the helpful tips listed throughout to be very beneficial in answering many questions for gluten-free consumers.


Lots of information in one place. It is hard to spend a lot of money on products that you know nothing about. Looking forward to trying some new gf brands, great book!


This buyers guide has been Extremely helpful! It has not only showed me, my family and friends what products are out there but also which ones that others have enjoyed the most. The online resources, books and magazine reviews are also very helpful in looking in the right direction for support and information.

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I wish I had this book 4 years ago when I was diagnosed gluten intolerant. It would have saved a lot of, "OH MY GOSH THIS IS TOTALLY GROSS" moments from happening in my house. Let's face it, bread made from things that aren't really bread making items has the extreme possibility of being pretty awful. The squirrels in my yard enjoyed many sub-par GF products that found their way to the feeders instead of into my belly. They were probably pretty happy that I was not all that well informed about the products on the market. Actually, the squirrels in my yard would probably hate this book. The products in this book really are the ones that are the choice of many GF people and they are a great place to start when building your pantry. As with any food lifestyle, cooking with fresh, whole foods is always best, but the prepared and packaged foods presented in this guide are some of the best selections of what's out there. The best part is that I find almost all of these in my local coop, Stop & Shop, Hannaford, and even the small mom and pop store in my town. The links, blogs, and articles are all helpful too, and a great place to start for someone who is beginning a GF lifestyle. It's totally worth getting this Kindle download and having it in your arsenal.


We believe in quality and not quantity.

You will not need to navigate through 52,000 gluten-free products in our gluten-free shopping guide; our process gives you 500 of the very best gluten-free products.  Stop wasting time and money experimenting with gluten-free products you may or may not like.  Trust the thousands of people who vote each year to give you the most accurate list of great gluten-free products. 

Finally, the experimentation is over!

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