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Some Gluten-Free Buyers Guide Stats

7th consecutive year of publication.

Average 10000+ copies distributed in its first week.

Reached 10th in Amazon's Top 10 Non-Fiction eBooks.  (3 Day Free Promo)

Reached 1st in Amazon's Top Gluten Free  eBooks. (3 Day Promo)

Consistently reaches Amazon’s Top Gluten-Free Book List.

Used by consumers, grocers, distributors and category managers.

Sold on several platforms:  Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, KOBO, Baker & Taylor's Blio and Aldiko


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2021 GFA & GFBG Categories

Bread Brands
Bread Crumbs
Bread Mixes
Breakfast On-The-Go
Brownie Mix
Cake Mix


Children’s Books
Cold Cereals
College Campuses
Comfort Foods
Cookie Mixes
Cornbread Mix
Cosmetic Brands

Frozen Foods
Frozen Meals
Frozen Pancake & Waffle Brands
Frozen Pizza Brands
Ice Cream Cones
Macaroni and Cheese
Mobile Apps
Muffin Mix
National Restaurant Chains
New Products
Online Resources
Online Stores
Pancake and Waffle Mixes
Pie Crust
Pizza Crust Mix

Ready Made Desserts
Snack Bars
Social Media Platforms
Summer Camps
Tortilla or Wrap
Vacation Destinations

Most common questions: 

Q:  I am having a hard time understanding how to submit or products.

A:  Using this Registration Form will help.  If lost, don't hesitate to call or email.  828-455-9734

Q:  What are the product image specs you need? 

A:  Ads must be PDF, JPEG or PNG files at 300 dpi or greater. 800 x 800 for half page and 800 x 1600 for full page ads (no bleed) The team will normally resize images based on the publishing media.  Normally the product pictures and descriptions from your website will work just fine.

Q:  Is there a word count for product descriptions?

A:  No, we normally don't use product descriptions just product names and images.

Q:  If we submit 10 products do we get 1 free full page ad and 2 free half page ads?

A:  Sorry, please choose one or the other.  You can always purchase additional ad space.

Q:  Can we run a full page ad without entering into the awards program?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Do we need to send you product samples?

A:  No.  The gluten-free community votes for your products.

Q:  Will we be in the guide if we don't win an award?

A:  Yes, all products submitted will be visible as nominees. 

Q:  Can we use the GFA Nominee and Winner Badge on our product packaging, website and other related media?

A:  Yes, we highly recommend using the badges to differentiate your products from the rest.  If you happen to need higher resolution images don't hesitate to ask.

ATTENTION:  Only 10 products allowed in each award category.  (Limit 3 per category per brand)

By submitting your products to The Gluten-Free Buyers guide, you are automatically entering into the Annual Gluten-Free Awards.  There are only 10 slots available in each category and we limit brands to 3 submissions per category.  If you are a marketer representing multiple brands, this typically will not apply.  Slots can fill quickly so we recommend submitting your registration ASAP.  The absolute deadline for registration is July 31 however, we can not guarantee you that the category is not already full.  

Now:  Registration
July 31:  Last day for registrations
August 31:  Voting opens to public
September 30:  Public voting ends
November 15:  Results announced in The 2021 Gluten Free Buyers Guide

Ad Specifications:  ATTENTION - Ad images and coupons due by September 30

Full and half page advertisement spots available for the 2021 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide.  Ads must be PDF, JPEG or PNG files at 300 dpi or greater. 800 x 800 for half page and 800 x 1600 for full page ads (no bleed). Coupons must also be PDF, JPEG or PNG files at 300 dpi or greater. Coupons will be resized to fit an area. Coupons will be published in print and in eBook format. Expiration dates should not go over October 31, 2021. Send images or questions to 

How it works:

1.  Fill out this Registration From by adding the quantities and enter product or brand names.  
     (A free half page ad is given for every 5 products or full page ad for 10 products.)
2.  Add additional ad space to order.
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     (Hurry, there are only 10 available slots in each category.)

If you have any questions call customer support at 828-446-1952 or book an appointment.

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