What is the best gluten free Frozen Pancake or Waffle?

What is the best gluten free frozen pancake or waffle?

A record 152 recipients of the 7th Annual Gluten Free Awards were announced in the 2017 Gluten Free Buyers Guide this November. The winners, chosen by 3,527 people on a gluten free diet, comprise the best in gluten free for the year 2017.  The voters produced 96,128 individual responses breaking last year's totals and created the highest engaged GFA event to date.

This year they had a tough job selecting the best gluten free frozen pancake or waffle with a total of four nominated for the Gluten Free Award.

The 7th Annual Gluten Free Awards for Best Gluten Free Frozen Pancake or Waffle goes to:

1st Place:  Van's Gluten Free Waffles

2nd Place:  Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Waffles       

3rd Place:  Nature's Path Homestyle Frozen Waffle

Other Nominees:

Kashi Gluten Free Waffles
The GFA's, the oldest award in the gluten free industry, are considered among the most prestigious and selective prizes. The GFA's recognize excellence and commendable work by writers, manufactures, business owners, bakers, and volunteers. The 3,527 people who casted GFA votes are not from a distinguished panel of critics, industry practitioners or experts. Better than that, they are consumers who can speak from their own personal experiences. To participate in the GFA's products must be submitted by August 31st. For more information regarding the Gluten Free Award submission process, visit

UPDATE:  2019 Gluten Free Buyers Guide

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